Richard Ross

Owner / Head Guide

“It gives me huge pleasure to guide a new hunter to shooting their first deer and to watch an experienced hunter use his hunting skills to shoot a fallow deer.”


Richard has been running Balnagown hunting for over 20 years.

Richard is an experienced hunter and guide and is passionate about safe hunting practices. The amount of knowledge this man has about hunting and fallow deer is phenomenal.

He cooks a pretty mean BBQ at the end of the hunt as well.

Kerry Adams

Precision Shooter

“Underpinning everything I do, is a genuine desire to help people on their journey. Through my own experimentation and learning, serving people by sharing my what I learn.”


Kerry runs Precision Shooter - a website about improving your shooting skills to make more hits on target, and more ethical kills at distance.

If you need help setting up your new (or old) hunting rifle the best for you, getting some tips on shooting or have any equipment questions, Kerry is here to help you out.

A relatively new hunter (especially compared to Richard), Kerry enjoys seeing people improve their skill set, and have fun while doing it!

Let's make your experience happen!

Get in touch, let us know what you are after - we will do all we can to facilitate a hunting experience you will remember for a lifetime.